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SVG in direct mounting

basic information

Product introduction
SVG(Static Var Generator), also referred to as STATCOM (Static Synchronous Compensator) is a modern static var compensator using self-commutation convertor circuit and is the latest technology in the field of modern static var compensation.
Our company’s SVG shows more advantages in terms of response speed, stabilizing network voltage, reducing system loss, strengthening transmission, increasing transient voltage limit, reducing harmonic wave and floor space, etc.
The research and production our SVG is supported by our company’s powerful technical strength and by making the best of the Group’s experience and advantages in the power industry and by giving full play to the Group’s comprehensive research, design, production and test ability. Over the years, we have maintained a close academic connection and technical cooperation with many famous research institutions and electric companies at home and abroad. Now we would like to make concerted effort with our users and engage in improving the power quality of power grid by means of our advanced technology and superior products, thus making our contributions to energy saving, consumption reduction and safe production of the electricity sector.
Product features
※Split-phase independent design for triggering and monitoring unit ensures quick operation and strong resistance to interference;
※Static var testing technology based on instantaneous reactive power;
※Balanced control for DC-link voltage;
※Full-fledged protection;
※Dedicated IGBT driving circuit ensures the reliability of IGBT’s frequent connection and disconnection and uploads the monitoring information on status to the monitoring system of upper level.
※You can pick up the chain design, high reliability;
※The chain structure of modular design, the system can satisfy the requirements of high reliability, convenient maintenance;
※The application of laminated copper, meet the requirements of high frequency IGBT trigger;
※The response time can reach 5ms.
※We can provide from sensibility to reactive power continuous, smooth, dynamic and fast capacitive compensation;
※We can solve the problem of unbalanced load;
※The current source, the output reactive current is not affected by the influence of bus voltage;
※If the system is not sensitive to the impedance parameters.
application area
①Wind power generation system
So that the wind resource of uncertainty and wind turbine operating characteristics of the power output of the wind turbine is fluctuations, lead to network power factor is unqualified, voltage deviation, voltage fluctuation and flicker and other problems, for large capacity wind farm connected to power system there is stability, the need for dynamic reactive power compensation system; on the other hand, the fluctuation of the system voltage will affect the normal operation of the fan. The SVG dynamic reactive power compensation device can not only meet the requirement of power factor, voltage fluctuation and flicker, but also reduce the influence of system disturbance on the fan.
②Coal mine hoist and other heavy industry load
Other heavy industry load such as coal mine hoist will have the following effect on the power grid;
(1) the reduction and fluctuation of the power grid voltage;
(2) low power factor;
(3) the transmission will produce harmful harmonic.
The installation of SVG dynamic reactive power compensation device can solve the above problems.
③Arc furnace
Arc furnace as a nonlinear load into the power grid, will have a series of adverse effects on the power grid, which is mainly:
(1) lead to serious unbalanced three-phase power grid, resulting in negative sequence current;
(2) the high harmonic generation (HHG), which generally exist such as 2, 4 times even harmonics and 3, 5, 7 inferior odd harmonic coexistence, abnormal voltage change increasingly complicated;
(3) there is a serious voltage flicker;
(4) low power factor.
Using SVG dynamic reactive power compensation device can solve the above problems, the rapid compensation of voltage stability, improve productivity, maximum reduce the voltage fluctuation and flicker, phase compensation function can eliminate three-phase arc furnace caused by imbalance.
④The rolling mill
The impact of the reactive power generated by the rolling mill will affect the power grid:
(1) caused by the grid voltage fluctuations, serious when the electrical equipment can not work properly, reducing the production efficiency;
(2) power factor reduction;
(3) the load of the transmission device will produce harmful high harmonics, the power grid voltage will cause serious distortion. The installation of SVG dynamic reactive power compensation device can solve the above problems, stabilize the bus voltage, eliminate harmonic interference and improve the power factor.
⑤The power system substation (66/110kV)
SVG dynamic reactive power compensation device can quickly and accurately carry out capacitive and inductive reactive power compensation, in the stability of bus voltage, improve the power factor at the same time, completely and easily solve the problem of reactive power supply. Installation of new SVG dynamic reactive power compensation device can make full use of the original fixed capacitor group and crystal gate controlled reactor (TCR), obtaining the best results with the least investment, has become the most effective method to improve the regional power grid and power supply quality.
⑥The long distance power transmission
High voltage, high power, long distance power transmission line with SVG dynamic reactive power compensation device can obviously improve the power system transmission and distribution performance. SVG functions are as follows:
(1) stable and weak system voltage;
(2) reduce transmission loss;
(3) increase the transmission capacity, so that the existing power grid to maximize efficiency;
(4) improving the transient stability limit;
(5) increase the damping under small disturbance;
(6) enhanced voltage control and stability;
(7) buffer power oscillation.
⑦The electric locomotive power supply
The mode of electric locomotive transportation also causes serious pollution to the power grid, which leads to serious unbalanced and low power factor of the grid, and generates negative sequence current. The SVG dynamic reactive power compensation device is installed in the railway along the railway line, which can balance the three-phase power grid and improve the power factor through the phase splitting compensation function.

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