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TCR-type SVC

basic information
product description
TCR (Thyristor Controlled Reactor) Type SVC
 The TCR type SVC device is mainly composed of TCR (thyristor control reactor) and FC (filter capacitor bank).
FC loop taking into account the filter function, can provide a fixed capacitive reactive power, TCR circuit through the control of thyristor changes in phase reactive reactor output inductive reactive power.
 Because the thyristor's dynamic response speed is very fast and the response time is less than 10 milliseconds, real-time dynamic compensation of reactive power can be achieved. Especially for the three-phase AC electric arc furnace load, the voltage fluctuation and flicker generated by it can be suppressed to the minimum. At the same time, the TCR type SVC has a split-phase regulation function, which makes it possible to balance unbalanced loads such as three-phase alternating-current arc furnaces, and the negative sequence component of the power grid is suppressed to a minimum.
TCR (Thyristor Controlled Reactor) Type SVC
 ※ Microcomputer real-time monitoring TCR thyristor running status, timely alarm and protection, make the equipment run reliably;
※ control system through the measurement, comparison, amplification, phase trigger phase, according to the control strategy to generate the thyristor switch trigger pulse required to control the size of the trigger angle, adjust the phase-controlled reactor current, output required inductive reactive power;
※ The entire control protection monitoring system has strong anti-interference ability;
※ The control is flexible, and it can realize various control modes such as three-phase simultaneous control, phase-separation control and three-phase balancing.
※ With remote operation and automation system interface functions, it can realize unattended;
※High pressure thyristor valve group has over-voltage and over-current capability;
※High-potential circuit board adopts self-powered air insulation and BOD protection;
※ The thyristor valve group adopts the photoelectric conversion triggering method to solve the high and low voltage isolation problems, making the valve group safe and reliable;
※ The phase-controlled reactor adopts a dry type air-core reactor, which features high linearity, low noise, low loss, and good heat dissipation.
Application area
1 long distance power transmission
 The power system is currently tending towards high-power, long-distance transmission, which requires the transmission and distribution system to be more efficient. Dynamic compensation can significantly improve the power transmission and distribution performance of the power system. Dynamic compensation can be installed at one or more appropriate locations on the power grid to achieve the following objectives:
1, stable system voltage;
2. Reduce transmission loss;
3, increase the transmission capacity;
4, buffer power shock;
5, increase transient stability limit.
2 coal mines
 The hoist will have the following impact on the grid during its work:
1. Cause the voltage drop and voltage fluctuation of the power grid;
2, low power factor;
3, the transmission device will produce harmful higher harmonics.
 The dynamic compensation device can perfectly solve the above problem.
3 Wind farm boost station
 The reactive power consumption of the wind farm changes with the change of wind speed. The dynamic reactive power compensation device can realize rapid dynamic adjustment of reactive power, stabilize the system voltage, increase the power factor, completely solve the problem of reactive power transmission in wind farms, and improve wind power. Field booster station ideal for power quality.
4 electric arc furnace
 Arc furnace as a non-linear and irregular load into the power grid, will have a series of adverse effects on the power grid, which are mainly:
1. The generation of high-order harmonics is a complication of voltage distortion;
2. Result in severe three-phase imbalance in the power grid and negative sequence current;
3, there is a serious voltage flicker;
4, low power factor.
5 rolling mill
 The reactive impact load of the rolling mill has the following effects on the power grid:
1. Decrease the power factor;
2, causing voltage fluctuations and voltage drops, severe electrical equipment can not work properly, reduce production efficiency;
3, Harmonic harmonics will be generated in the load transmission device, which will cause serious distortion of the grid voltage. Dynamic compensation can solve the above problems perfectly, keep the bus voltage stable, no harmonic interference, power factor close to 1.0.
6 Electric locomotive power supply
 The electric locomotive transportation mode has also caused serious “pollution” to the power grid while protecting the environment. The single-phase power supply of the electric locomotive causes serious imbalance of the three-phase power network and reduces the power factor, and generates negative sequence current. The only way to solve this problem in the world is to install a dynamic compensation system at an appropriate position along the railway to increase the power factor. .
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